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Umar's death

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Umar's death

Post by azadaar110 on Fri May 28, 2010 6:53 am

"Huziifah Bin Yaman narrates:
Once on the 9th of Rabiul Awwal I went to Rasulullah(saw). I saw Imam Ali ,
Imam Hasan(saw) and Imam Husain(saw) also there. All were eating. Rasulullah smiling
in great happiness said to Hasan and Husain : 'Sons, today is the day on which
Allah will destroy your enemy (Umar) and the enemy of your grandfather , and
Allah will accept the curse of your mother . Eat sons!, eat! I Today is the day
that Allah accepts the deeds of your Shiah (partisans), and beloved. Eat sons,
eat! Today is the day when the power of your enemy and the enemy of your
grandfather(saw) will be broken and annihilated in the dust. Eat sons, eat!
Today is the day when Fir'on to my Ahle Bait, the one who will oppress and
persecute them andwho will usurp their rights, will be destroyed."

Huzaifah said: I exclaimed: 'O Rasulullah !
Will there be such an evil person in your Ummah, who will perpetrate such

Rasulullah replied: 'O Huzaifah!

Among the munafiqs (hypocrites) there will be
one idol (Umar) who will be the leader of the group of munafiqeen. He will
carry in his hand the whip of cruelty and injustice; he will prevent people
from the Path of truth; he will change my Sunnah and my ways; he will oppress
my Wasi (Appointee), Ali Bin Abi Talib and he will deprive my daughter of her
rights. My daughter will then curse him. Allah Ta'ala will accept her la'nat
(curse) and prayers.' Huzaifah then said: 'O Rasulullah ! Why do you not
supplicate to Allah to destroy this Fir'on (Umar) and oppressor in your very

Rasulullah replied: 'O Huzaifah! I do not
regard it proper to interfere in the decisions of Allah Ta'ala... But, I have
requested Allah Ta'ala to grant excellence and superiority to that day when
that oppressor and Fir'on (Umar) is dispatched to Jahannum (i.e when he is
destroyed). That day should be decreed superior to all other days so that
honoring of that day becomes a Sunnah for my Shiane Ahle Bait (i.e. partisans
of my family). Allah Ta'ala then sent this Wahi (revelation):

'It has already been decreed in My Eternal
Knowledge that the usurping Munafiqs will persecute you and your family. They
will inflict many hardships on you and your family. O Muhammad ! Ali has been
awarded your rank because of these (impending) hardships which will be
perpetrated on him by the usurper of his rights and the Fir'on of this Ummah. I
have commanded the angels of the seven heavens to rejoice and celebrate Eid on
the day he ( Umar) is killed - this is for the sake of the partisans and lovers
of the Ahle Bait. I have commanded the recording Angels to cease recording the
sins of My servants for three days from that day. This is in honor of that day
(on which Umar will be murdered). O Muhammad! Three days grace and permission
in general to commit sins have been given in your honor and in honor of your
appointee (Ali) ... Every year on this day, will I free from Jahannam thousands
of your Shiahs.' Huzaifah says: 'After Rasulullah said this, he arose and left
the room and went to the house of Umme Salmah . After having heard this talk of
Rasulullah I was convinced of Umar's (la) kufr. There remained no doubt in

Finally, after the demise of
Rasulullah , I witnessed the fitnah which Umar (la) created. He exhibited the
kufr which was concealed in him. Umar (la) reneged from Islam and usurped the
Imamate and Khilafate. To achieve this end Umar (la) adopted the most shameless
methods. Umar (la) burnt the holy house of Rasulullah . Umar pleased the Jews,
Christians and the Magians and displeased the daughter of Mohammad and the
entire Ahle Bait , and Umar conspired to have Imam Ali murdered (NAUZBILLAH).
He made haram what Allah had made halal and legalized what Allah had made
unlawful. Umar (la) slammed the door against the face and stomach of the
daughter of the prophet .

Huzaifah then said:

'Finally Allah Ta'ala accepted the curses of
His Holy Nabi and his daughter in regard to this Munafiq Umar, and had him
killed at the hands, of his killer Hazrat Abu LuLu . May there be the Rahmat
(Mercy) of Allah on Umars killer(la)."(Zadul Ma'ad - Pages 433-436)

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Re: Umar's death

Post by mahfooz on Sun May 30, 2010 9:54 am

Beshak Lanat Bar Bar Beshamar

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