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Jab ho kay reha qaid say

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Jab ho kay reha qaid say

Post by azadaar110 on Fri May 28, 2010 8:57 am

Jab ho ker reha qaid se ghar jaayegi Zainab

Gar tum na hue sath to mar jaegi Zainab

Acha mai chali chor ker zindaan mere bhaia

Karti hui matam tera parhti hui nauha

Seene pe liye zakhm e jigar jaegi Zainab

Tum qatl hue aur ajal mujhko na aayi

Kis tarhan mai zindan hoon na poocho mere Bhai

Dhoondegi tumhe ab to jidhar jaaegi Zainab

Jee khol ker Bhai mai tumhe roo nai paayi

Afsos teri laash per mai nange sarr ayi

Maloom nahi yahan se kidhar jaaegi Zainab

Sharminda hoon mai tujhko kafan deti to kaise

Aada ne rida cheen li Bhaia mere sirr se

Is ranjh mein dunia se guzar jaaegi Zainab


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